Ophthalmology Resident Choosing Associations (ORCA) "Rules"

Current as of 1/24/2018

Residency Selection through the “Ophthalmology Resident Choosing Association” (ORCA)

The goal of ORCA is to develop a fair process for selection of ABVO residents that will benefit both the residency programs and prospective residents. Representatives of any institution offering a residency program may participate if they agree to abide fully with all ORCA rules throughout the resident selection process. Administrators of any program wishing to join ORCA should contact Steve Hollingsworth (srhollingsworth@ucdavis.edu) or Brian Gilger (bgilger@ncsu.edu) and ask to be included on the email exchanges regarding ORCA selection. ORCA is not an official ACVO/ABVO organization but is simply a group of programs that have agreed to the rules, nothing more or less. Participating programs agree on the dates of application and offer, typically in September of the year prior to the start of the residency. Last year’s dates are included as an example:

Ophthalmology Resident Choosing Association (ORCA) Rules (2017-18)

1. Application Deadline: 8 pm EST, Friday, Nov 3, 2017. (See individual Programs for application requirements).

2. Residency offer time & date: 12 noon EST, Tuesday January 16, 2018.

3. Rank lists (including at least the top 2 candidates) will be disclosed among all ORCA Program Leaders by 8 pm EST, Monday January 15, 2018.

4. If a candidate is going to receive more than 1 first-choice offer, the offering Programs must tell the candidate at the time of the offer that the candidate will be receiving another offer and that the candidate must wait to receive all offers prior to making a final decision on acceptance.

5. Method of offer is phone call or email to candidate not before 12 noon EST on the offer date. No official offer may be made or accepted before this date.

6. After notification, the candidate will accept/decline the offer within 1 hour of notification and inform the institution of their decision. (All candidates will be encouraged prior to offer and reminded at time of offer to use the minimum time possible by preparing a rank list of their own.)

7. Within 30 minutes of a position being filled, institution will email all other ORCA Programs stating that their position has been filled and will disclose the candidate who has accepted.