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Non-members who are interested in veterinary ophthalmology may become involved and learn more about the field by joining one of the societies below, attending the annual conference, learning practical ophthalmology by attending the "Specialty Day of Ophthalmology for General Practitioners" course and/or ordering the Veterinary Ophthalmology journal.
The organization of the American Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ASVO) began in the spring of 1957. The site was Miami Beach, FL, where a group of veterinarians interested in Ophthalmology met to discuss the prospects of organizing a Society during the annual meeting of the American Animal Hospital Association. The ASVO first President, Dr. W.G. Magrane, was the principal instigator and chairman of the first meeting. A subsequent meeting was held at the AVMA Convention in August, 1957, when the new Society’s constitution and by-laws were adopted.
The principal aim of the ASVO is to promote scientific progress in Veterinary Ophthalmology. This involves efforts to facilitate the presentation of new information, to improve diagnostic and treatment procedures and to encourage expanded training in Ophthalmology at veterinary colleges.

Except for 1961, the Society’s annual business meetings have been held with the national AAHA convention. Since 1974, scientific programs have also been presented at the national AAHA convention. Scientific programs have been presented at the AVMA annual meeting, the Western Veterinary Conference, and The North American Veterinary Conference.

Proceedings of ASVO scientific meetings were published annually from 1958 to 1968. Other publications by the ASVO include color atlases of the canine and feline ocular fundi and the cornea and conjuctiva, newsletters and papers presented at AVMA, AAHA, WVA, TNAVC, and ACVIM meetings.


Membership is open to any veterinarian that is actively involved in veterinary science and has an interest in veterinary ophthalmology.

Further information:
Dr. Virginia A. Schultz, Secretary, ASVO
Phone: Office 405-616-3937 or 405-388-4602
Email: animaleyesdoc@cs.com 

Dr. Virginia A. Schultz



The International Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ISVO) was organized in the late 1970’s under the leadership of Bill Magrane of the US and Claudio Peruccio of Italy. The first meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain in the Fall of 1980, at which time Bill Magrane was elected the first President.

Since its inception, the ISVO has sought to advance on a worldwide scale the aims and aspirations of veterinarians and researchers interested in ophthalmology and vision in animals.  During that time, veterinary ophthalmology has moved ahead in leaps and bounds in many parts of the World, especially in North America and Europe where fully fledged Colleges have become well established as the self-regulating protectors of professional training and examination standards.

More recently, interest in veterinary ophthalmology as a unique specialist discipline has begun to spread rapidly, especially in Japan, Korea, SE Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand.  Just as it originally did in Europe and North America, the ISVO continues to fill an important liaison role as a ‘facilitator of opportunity’ throughout the World.   

The ISVO publishes its newsletter - The Globe - 2-4 times a year to disseminate information on veterinary ophthalmology to its members worldwide. It depends on its members to report on activities in their respective countries. Recent issues of The Globe can be found at the ISVO website (www.isvo.info).   
The ISVO also hosts a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/441418442597991/
The ISVO meets every alternate year, in conjunction with a one- or two-day scientific meeting focused on veterinary ophthalmology. Meetings are held at various interesting locations around the globe, in conjunction with an international meeting such as the WSAVA Congress or the Annual Meetings of the ACVO or ECVO.  


  1. To promote the exchange of information and further scientific progress in veterinary ophthalmology on an international basis
  2. To encourage and promote improved methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases in animals
  3. To encourage and facilitate ophthalmic training within and outside veterinary colleges
  4. To establish and maintain affiliation with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association especially with respect to their programs involving ophthalmology.


Two membership categories are available:
Member: Open to any veterinarian interested in veterinary ophthalmology.
Associate Member: Open to non-veterinarians who contribute to veterinary ophthalmology.
Membership applications should be made online at the Society website: www.isvo.info