The cataract video produced by Dr. Wolfer and the PR Committee, and sponsored by Acrivet, Aventix and ACVO is now available for purchase. A rough copy was previewed in Boston which resulted in minor edits, now the final version is available for purchase and viewing below. You may view the online version off this page, a pdf order form has been made available. An online order form has been provided under the publications/products link.

Note: The low-resolution version for use online was provided to us in a QuickTime format. You will need QuickTime Player to view the video. Download the program here.   

View ACVO Cataract video, "Cataract, You and Your pet." (low resolution)

View ACVO Cataract video "Cataract, You and Your Pet" on YouTube. 

Download order form for high resolution DVD (pdf)