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 How a Veterinary Ophthalmologist Examines an Animal's Eye

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Eye Surgery on Blue Heron using Pig Bladder
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Massachusetts-based veterinarian Ruth Marrion will perform ground-breaking cataract surgery on a falcon named Banner.(more)


Canine Dry Eye - AVMA Podcast (with Dr. Cynthia Cook)
We tend to think of tears as a sign of emotion, but they provide a valuable functional purpose, for us and our dogs. Canine dry eye—otherwise known as “Keratoconjuncitivitis Sicca,” or KCS—can have serious health consequences for our dogs, but there are a number of effective treatments that can provide relief and comfort for our canine companions. In this podcast, Dr. Cynthia Cook, diplomate and past president of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and a clinician at Veterinary Vision in the San Francisco Bay area, discusses canine dry eye.Listen to the podcast.

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Canine Dry Eye podcast

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"Cataract, You and Your Pet"

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