Dr. Leigh West-Hyde

Dear Colleagues,

Leigh West-Hyde's memorial service was held yesterday and of course was very well attended. ACVO diplomates attending included Chris Murphy, Steve Hollingsworth, Roy Bellhorn, and David Maggs. I apologize if there were others who I missed because of the large crowd. Certainly, there seemed to be people present from all facets of Leigh's rich and varied life. Roy Bellhorn presented a very touching but poignant eulogy emphasizing her years in ophtho and then dentistry at UC Davis. He chose as his theme "That Light Shall Prevail Over Darkness" and tied this in beautifully with how luminous Leigh was and how she shone on all those around her. The remainder of the eulogies were done by video because the family members were so emotional that they feared they could not speak well on the day. They were touching and the speakers represented a wide spectrum of people for whom Leigh had made a difference. It was really nice to find out that Leigh had been kept going by and ultimately made it to the recent marriage of her older son, Mack and the College graduation of her younger son, Roy. A copy of the front and inner pages of the order of service is available below. We delivered on your behalf a card from the ACVO office for her husband Dallas, and sons Mack and Roy.

During the service Dallas mentioned that Leigh had asked that all donations go to a very young girl - Ruby Stone - undergoing chemotherapy and who Leigh had befriended.  Ruby was present at the service yesterday and I had the chance to speak with her mother. In true Leigh form, she had engaged this young girl and mapped a "happiness path" to help get her through the low points of chemo. The girl's mother was very moved by the support she was receiving from people who had obviously never met her or her daughter but were willing to do whatever Leigh wished. Many of the UCD folks as well as the ACVO office have made donations in Leigh's name. If you wish to add your donation, you will see towards the end of the attached order of service the online address for you to support Ruby's care (www.chofoundation.org).

Kind regards,

David Maggs


Dr. West-Hyde's Order of Service Dr. West-Hyde's Order of Service cover