Portal Access Instructions

Welcome to ACVO’s new multi-year conference presentation portal. Within this system you will have access to view all presentations recorded from 2011 until today. Your permissions have been set to allow you access to one of the following: 1) all years (Diplomates), 2) select years, or 3) select presentations, depending on your registration history and/or your membership benefits. Enter Portal.

View step by step video instructions here.

If you are having problems running video please review these system requirements, make necessary changes and try again.

You have been granted access to the ACVO Conference Presentations system. A benefit of membership in the ACVO is use of this system. Attendees of the conference are also granted access to this system for three months post-meeting. If you would like to purchase access to the system please visit this link for more information on ordering and pricing.

Please refer to your original email/invitation for log in and password instructions. If you are unsure of your password, the system has a re-set email option for you on the sign-on page. Go back to this page and request the information using the appropriate button.

Upon logging in you will see a list of ‘folders’ on the left and an empty search box to the right. You may opt to search by key word (medical word), category name (e.g. glaucoma or cataract), author, etc. or use the folders to the left to view an entire day’s or year’s worth of presentations. If you choose the key word search to the right, select the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard after typing your selection and the results should show in the table below. If you want to peruse the folders, select the year and/or day folder to the left with your cursor, click on it and it will open a list of presentations sorted chronologically (time order), the presentations will result in the text box on the main screen.

Most searches will be listed in time or chronological order from top to bottom. You can change the sort by clicking on the title of each column.

When you are watching a presentation please note that you may search for key words on the slides in the presentation. As the video is playing, look for a magnifying graphic in the lower left hand corner of your screen, select it with your cursor, it will open up a search box. Type in a key word and it will show you ever slide where that word results, thus forwarding or rewinding to the appropriate slide in the presentation. Speaker audio/video will align with the slides and begin playing again.

NEW this year! We have combined four years of content onto one platform. To issue a ‘Global Search’ place your cursor in the upper left hand corner search box labeled, ‘Global Search’. Once the term is entered results will show in the text box on each page. The search results here appear to be organized randomly but you may sort by clicking on the header at the top of each column.

You may wish to view the presentation in different ways. Look for the:

Ideally a ‘play’ button should show at the right of each presentation. Occasionally a problem may occur which results in your need to scroll to the right to see the play button. We tried to minimize these occurrences but it is possible based upon your system, screen and particular search (especially with the global search).

Occasionally audio or video may be missing from the presentation. This could occur due to speaker problems, technical problems with the mic, or problems with a recording device. While these errors are minimal, they do occur and are noted in the ‘category’ of presentation in the results when possible.