ACVO 'On-Demand' Digital Member Directories

ACVO is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Member Directories, which are now in a print-on-demand digital online format. (Please also inform your office manager and/or staff who will be in charge of printing and placing these documents.)

As a way to better meet the needs of its members, the ACVO has developed a ‘print on demand’ directory. This member directory will take real-time information from the ACVO Membership Portal and automatically format it into a PDF, to be printed by any member at any time.

For several years the Board has looked at options and considered eliminating the printed directory; it is out of date as soon as it is printed...But they understood that members valued a printed version for office use. Therefore they charged me with the development of this interactive tool which will provide a hard copy for those who prefer a directory in their office/exam rooms, while also meeting the needs of those who like the accuracy of real-time contact information for referrals.

Access is still available for members and the general public to search the member database online in real-time. Other traditional ‘directory’ information, including historical items, have been moved to the website. Please take 5 minutes to read and understand this process, once you do I promise your staff will love the flexibility and accuracy this tool offers!

The information in the printed PDF will only be as accurate as the data entered by individuals. Please be careful to follow these instructions and complete all fields that should be made available for referrals, for each and every location to be promoted.

ACVO plans to ‘clean’ the system monthly to lessen formatting problems, but it is important to note that the final product will never be completely perfect as things like, extra commas or incomplete fields can produce a ‘messier’ PDF. Staff will do our best to monitor these once monthly, but if you encounter any major problems please contact the office.

Three printable versions have been developed and are available once signed into the ACVO Membership Portal; these versions are essentially the same that were published in the 2016 Member Directory. Two are meant for public referrals, labeled “…by US States” and “…by non-US”. Please note that the third is a “PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY” directory by last name, this is NOT to be provided to referrals and should be noted as such if printed for the office staff. This PDF contains some more personal information that members have provided.

All current ACVO Members may use this system as a member benefit. Members may print as many copies as needed at any time during the year. Public referral copies may be provided to clinic staff and residents, but the ACVO does not allow for copies to be provided to non-members (including DVM referral clinics).

To access the digital directories, simply log-in to your ACVO Member Portal on Access this link if you don't remember how to sign-in. After entering the member User Name and Password, a button on the left sidebar entitled “Member Directories” will be available. Within this field will be three options for print, select and ‘click’ the preferred directory format:

• Public Referral by US State
• Public Referral – non-US
• Private Members Only Section by Last Name

Please be patient after initiating the directory creation, this information is being generated from the Portal in real-time and could take up to one minute to finalize. After the directory appears in a tabulated format, scroll and utilize the contacts digitally or print for future use. For a printer-friendly version locate the button at the top of that PDF document called, “PDF Version”. Select that button and the system will create a PDF. Once created choose the printer icon at the top of the Adobe program and print, as any PDF would be printed. This document could be saved or sent to any printer.

It is important to note that when a directory is printed the date of retrieval will be displayed on the last page.

Since the new digital directories generate information in real-time, it is extremely important to be cautious when updating Portal information. When editing in the Member Portal, please note:

1) Each individual “Member Location” to be displayed in the directory or the online referral search, must have the ‘Public’ option (check box) selected. This tells the system to include that exact address in the public views online or for print.

2) For information updates to the “Member Location” sections, please be sure to fill out all appropriate address fields, in the order presented. The following example shows that the “Street” field is the primary address field, if it was left blank the system would not include this location in public searches or reports. See example below of correct use of the address fields:

If you do not want your location to be available for referrals, the “Public” check box above the address fields must be unchecked. Remember to click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

It is also important to note that the Member Directories are for ACVO Member use only, they are not to be printed and given to the public or rDVMs. If anyone needs assistance, or has questions or concerns, please contact the ACVO office.