Qualifications for ACVO and VOPH List Serves

All individuals who wish to be placed on either list serve must be approved through a gate-keeper to approve their qualification, either Ms. Daniel at the ACVO or Dr. Ralph Hamor.

The 'ACVO List Serve' is a members-only discussion group. The only individuals who are permitted to access this string are ACVO Member/Diplomates, this is now a member benefit of active membership in the College. Primarily discussion revolves around medicine, cases, treatments, recommendations for products, etc. Occasionally posts are made regarding ACVO announcements or issues.

This is not a complete membership communication tool; currently only about 250 Diplomates participate on this list serve. If you ever need to contact ALL Member/Diplomates, contact the ACVO office and we can forward a message in bulk on behalf of members.

There is also a ‘VOPH list serve', this discussion group allows participation of ACVO/ECVO Diplomates and Residents, ophthalmologists in other countries with training similar to these organizations and residents of these ophthalmologists. If someone is unsure of qualification, they could email Dr. Hamor or Ms. Daniel directly or send the name of a recommending ophthalmologist in that country. Topics typically include medical discussions, recommendations and meeting postings from organizations around the world. There are about 650 participants on this list serve.