Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee calls for nominations for the ACVO Board of Regents and the ABVO each spring for election in the fall. Board members of the ACVO serve a three-year term as a general Regent. In most cases, completion of the term as Regent is followed by ascension to the positions of officers of the ACVO, though this is not required. ABVO Board members will also serve a three-year term, currently ascention policy has not been completed. Selection criteria for nomination to both boards have been established and should be used to guide the nomination process.

Selection Criteria for the Board of Regents, ABVS Representatives, and ABVO:
(Review Nominating Committee Policies & Procedures document)

  • Willingness to serve
  • Active Diplomate of the ACVO for at least five years (not applicable to Public member of the ABVO)
  • Significant ACVO and or ABVO committee involvement (not applicable to Public Regent)
  • Ability to attend board meetings (spring and fall)
  • Capacity for attention to the needs of the BOR/ABVO (time commitment)
  • Ability to participate in group-decision making and support decisions (leaves personal agenda out of discussions)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ideology and values consistent with the ACVO
  • Has not served as a member of the board in which the candidate is being nominated in the preceding 10 years

Board meetings for both will occur in the fall, the ACVO also meets in the spring. The spring ACVO Board meeting is typically for one day over a weekend in March or April. The fall meeting is generally for one day prior to the ACVO annual conference. The time commitment outside of these meetings is variable but generally should not exceed a five hours per month. Expenses to attend the spring ACVO BOR meeting are paid by the ACVO. Expenses for travel to the fall meeting are not paid as it is expected that the (ACVO Member/Diplomate) Regents would already be attending the annual ACVO meeting. Related hotel and meal expenses for both spring and fall meetings are paid in full by the ACVO.

If you are interested in nominating someone to the BOR please contact the ACVO office for a nomination form. Nominees must be endorsed by at least two active ACVO Diplomates. Once the form has been completed it should be returned to the ACVO office. Nominations must be received by July 2nd annually. Thank You!