Ophthalmologist wanted, Aptos, California.

(posted 3/2/2017)

Ophthalmology for Animals in Aptos, California is seeking a 3-4 day a week board qualified or board certified ophthalmologist for a busy practice in the northern part of the Monterey Bay. We have perfect weather, educated clientele and a talented, mature and long term staff. I am seeking applicants for a motivated hard working person that possibly seeks ownership or co-ownership within the next five to ten years. With three doctors, we should be able to provide the time off that everyone needs. We strive to create a stress free and happy work place despite a busy work day. We are not hand-cuffed by corporate values.

The purpose of this ad is to attract a person who values hard work, is willing to provide relief for our other practice 35 miles away, has a proven reputation of treating staff well. Candidates who have a strong interest in surgery are preferred. Horse work is available but is not a deal-breaker as the other two practitioners have a strong equine interest.

We are well equipped and have a close working relationship with the emergency clinics and other specialists in our community. We are not open weekends and rarely see emergencies. We want to maintain an excellent relationship with out clientele and referring doctors so we can continue to grow.

Please email anngratzek@gmail.com or call my cell at 408-605-0405.